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Defund Law Enforcement

We believe in defunding law enforcement in order to fund Black futures. We need change and we will no longer support the continual investment into the things that do not make our communities safer. TPD’s aviation and canine unit budgets alone could provide millions of desperately needed funding for programs including rent assistance, mental health therapists (independent from the police), and transportation vouchers for our community. We demand that the Tucson City Council show its commitment to racial equity by investing our tax dollars back into our most marginalized communities rather than an institution that solely exists to criminalize and punish.

Fund Black Futures

TPD’s Aviation Support Unit Budget of $1,821,280 Could be:

900 emergency rent assistance grants of $2000 each for Tucson families.
Or 40 Mental Health Therapists to respond to crisis calls.

TPD’s Canine Support Unit Budget of $1,543,670 Could be:

1000 Summer utility vouchers of $1500 each for low-income Tucsonans.
Or 3,215 Free Annual bus passes.

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